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Whimsical Foxes Rustic-Style Folk Art | Watercolor Clipart


Step into the enchanting world of “It’s a Fox World,” a delightful package that captures the rustic charm of whimsical foxes in folk art illustrations, accompanied by a plethora of charming add-ons! 🦊🌿🏑

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Step into the enchanting world of “It’s a Fox World,” a delightful package that captures the rustic charm of whimsical foxes in folk art illustrations, accompanied by a plethora of charming add-ons! 🦊🌿🏑

This comprehensive collection features whimsical fox illustrations, each exuding the rustic allure of folk art. These foxes are the heart and soul of the package, bringing warmth and character to your creative projects.

But that’s not all! The package also includes additional illustrations of butterflies, birds, owls, and geese, adding a touch of nature’s beauty and whimsy to your artwork. These charming creatures complement the foxes perfectly, creating harmonious scenes of woodland enchantment.

To complete the package, you’ll find a variety of add-ons, including natural elements such as trees, flowers, grass, and landscapes. These elements provide you with the perfect backdrop for your fox-themed creations, allowing you to craft scenes that transport viewers to a magical fox realm.

And let’s not forget the special collection of Caves representing the foxes’ cozy homes. These cave illustrations add depth and storytelling potential to your artwork, inviting viewers to explore the secret world of the foxes.

In total, you’ll have over 90 .png files with transparent backgrounds at your disposal, ready to spark your imagination and bring your creative visions to life.

With “It’s a Fox World,” you have everything you need to create enchanting artwork that celebrates the whimsical charm of foxes and the beauty of nature’s embrace.

Unleash your creativity, let these illustrations transport you to a world of rustic wonder, and craft your own fox-inspired masterpiece.

β–Ί This Offer Includes:

  • A total of over 90 illustrations as .png files with transparent background.
  • High-quality 300dpi images.

Your download files are free from watermarks or artist logos, ensuring that your creative vision takes center stage in your projects.


This clipart includes a commercial licence and can be used for both personal and commercial uses.
The commercial licence included with this file allows a small business (3 staff or less) to use the artwork on up to 5,000 units or products without having to credit the artist.
If you represent a larger businesses requiring a larger licence, please contact me directly.
The included licence is subject to the terms below.


When using Cute Little Creatures - Dazzling Art clipart, you must create new designs that are significantly different to the original resource. The new design must require time, effort and skill to produce and not derive its primary value from a single graphic by itself. The exception to this rule are any pre-made seamless patterns which do not require any modification to sell on Physical Products.

DIGITAL PRODUCTS: You may create Digital Products with the clipart, subject to the Terms of this Agreement. The digital items you create must be for a specialised purpose (eg. printable invites) that is not general use graphic resources, clipart or similar products for download (such as a downloadable graphics for sublimation or seamless pattern files for downloading). The listings you create must not compete with the original clipart files and must not allow the images to be easily extracted and used for other purposes. You may grant your digital product customers a Personal Use Only licence.

If the customer requires Commercial Use, they must purchase the original clipart bundle from my Cute Little Creatures Art store ( If you wish to offer a commercial licence with your digital products (up to 5,000 units) you must provide a link to the original clipart listing and instruct the customer to purchase the bundle so that they are covered by this commercial agreement.

β€’ In the case of seamless repeat patterns, do not upload the artwork to Print on Demand fabric websites such as Spoonflower, Spreadshirt, RedBubble or similar.
β€’ Do not save the source files to online or shared databases.
β€’ You may not re-sell, re-distribute or re-licence the source files that you download, or any modification of them.
β€’ Do not include the images in clip art packs, website templates and the like.
β€’ If you are selling digital products like printable invites, make sure you flatten the artwork so that the clip art cannot be extracted from your file.
β€’ Do not use this artwork to imitate or pass-off as existing designs or to infringe on the copyright of others.
β€’ Do not claim the illustrations as your own.
β€’ Do not use the illustrations as part of a logo, brandmark or trademark. You may use the illustrations to promote your business (eg. flyers or social media posts) but they must not become identifying marks of your brand.


β€’ This licence is NOT a transfer of copyright. Ricarda Sallmann shall retain all copyrights in and to the Images. All rights not specifically granted by this Licence are reserved to Ricarda Sallmann.
β€’ The licence is non-exclusive and non-transferable.
β€’ The licence is for one seat (user). If anyone else wishes to use the artwork they need to purchase their own licence/s.
β€’ This licence does not grant you the right to claim the illustrations as your work.
* Buyers agree to make their best effort to minimise unauthorised uses and theft of the images.


β€’ I do not guarantee the performance of the files, it is up to you to proof your designs for errors before production. However, if you do spot a problem with the artwork, please let me know so that I can update the artwork.
β€’ Due to the digital nature of this item, I cannot refund it once the PDF licence has been downloaded but please contact me if you experience any issues.
β€’ It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct software to open PDF and PNG files.
β€’ This licence does not imply that joint ventures or any similar relationship exists between our businesses, please do not imply or claim such a relationship exists in your promotions.
β€’ I reserve the right to make changes to these Terms.

β˜… By purchasing this set you agree to the terms listed above. β˜…

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